Steering Group

The UK Healthy Cities Network Steering Group oversees the work of the Network and provides support and guidance to the core team. It is chaired by Colin Cox, Healthy City Coordinator for Manchester and lead commissioner for the Network.

Aims of the Steering Group

To oversee and provide strategic direction and guidance to the Network, and help to plan for and build durability for UK Healthy Cities beyond the current funding by:

  • engaging and building wide-ranging support and leadership for the UK Healthy Cities Network among national stakeholder organisations;
  • positioning and advocating for UK Healthy Cities by forging links to key agendas and developments;
  • advising and supporting the project team in implementing the work-plan;
  • overseeing and monitoring the operational delivery of the project against the agreed work-plan and key performance indicators, and
  • identifying opportunities for a sustainable continuation strategy.

Terms of Reference

The Steering Group Terms of Reference can be downloaded here. 


The UKHCN Steering Group membership comprises:

  • 6 city coordinators*
  • political representative
  • representative from the commissioning organisation
  • manager of the co-ordination team
  • representative from the national commissioning organisation

*to include: one from each UK administration where possible and if not with at least 2 administrations represented; UK member of the European Advisory Committee; a mix of WHO designated and UK Network designated cities. 

Also in attendance at meetings:

  • coordination team staff as appropriate. 

City coordinator members are expected to provide two years’ service to the group. At the end of this time period elections are held to fill vacant positions.



Paper from previous meetings can be downloaded by clicking on the links below (PDF portfolio will open in a new window):

9 December 2013, Teleconference
8 October 2013, Teleconference
2 July 2013, Sheffield
17 June 2013, Teleconference
24 April 2013, Teleconference
28 January 2013, Manchester
27 November 2012, Teleconference
23 May 2012, Nottingham
13 March 2012, Newcastle
7 November 2011, Teleconference
21 September 2011,
21 June 2011, Teleconference
17 March 2011, Manchester



Network Members

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Gulab Singh MBE
Adult Services and Public Health
Lancashire County Council


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Lisa Gibson
Health Improvement Specialist Local Government
The Leeds Initiative
Leeds City Council

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Barbara Drummond

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Sharan Jones
Health and Wellbeing Manager
Nottingham City Council

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Stephen Hewitt
Healthy Urban Team
Bristol City Council/NHS Bristol

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Jonna Monaghan
Senior Health Development Officer
Belfast Health Cities

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Russell Jones
Public Health Programme Manager
Glasgow Centre for Population Health

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Natalie Pugh
Healthy Cities Partnership Team
Sheffield First Health & Wellbeing Partnership 

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Brighton and Hove

Annie Alexander
Public Health Programme Manager
NHS Brighton and Hove

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East Lancashire Health and Wellbeing Partnership

Hira Miah
Public Health Co-ordinator
Lancashire County Council
Public Health, Adult Services, Health & Wellbeing


Sandra Davies
Associate Director of Public Health
Liverpool City Council

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Stoke On Trent

Judy Kurth
Healthy City Manager
Stoke City Council

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Susan Toner
Principal Health Promotion Specialist
Public Health Wales

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Karen Graham
Assistant Policy Lead for Health
Sunderland City Council

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Darren Crossley
Deputy Chief Executive
Carlisle City Council

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Helen Wilding
Wellbeing for Life Development Lead
Newcastle City Council

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Nina Williams
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
Swansea and Bridgend - Public Health Wales

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Derry Londonderry

Eamon O'Kane
Derry Healthy Cities

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Rimple Poonia
Senior Manager, Health Improvement
& Development Service
Portsmouth City Council


East Staffordshire

Sal Khan
Head of Service Commissioning,
East Staffordshire Borough Council



Dr Muna Abdel Aziz
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
Warrington Borough Council

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Jonathon Fagge
Deputy Chief Officer /
Director of Operations & Clinical Transformation
Norwich City Council

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Paul Southon
Public Health Development Manager
Sandwell MBC

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Simon Clark
Head of Health Environment and Neighbourhoods
Chorley Borough Council

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Colin Cox
Assistant Director, Health and Wellbeing/
Director of Public Health
Cumbria County Council


Gulab Singh MBE
Adult Services and Public Health
Lancashire County Council


Mr Rob Barnes
Director of Health and Housing
Tamworth Borough Council

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Paul Brookes
Public Health & Protection Services Manager
Chelmsford City Council

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John Wilcox
Health Improvement Specialist – Engagement and Capacity Building
Wakefield Council

The UK Healthy Cities Network is an accredited member of the WHO European Healthy Cities Programme

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